How can I add or change the organizer / admin for my ViewClix frame?

How can I add or change the organizer / admin for my ViewClix frame?

There are 2 ways to give users permission to perform administrative actions for your ViewClix frame.
First, when you view your frame's Share List, you will see a green user icon next to each person that has activated their ViewClix account:  
When this icon is clicked (or touched), you will have options to enable permissions to manage the frame's pictures or post sticky notes to the frame. 

Adding or changing the ViewClix frame organizer/admin 
Since the frame organizer maintains the Share List of trusted persons that can video call the frame and share pictures, ViewClix requires an extra level of security for any changes.
If you wish to change or add a frame organizer:
  1. The new organizer needs to be added to the frame's Share List. 
  2. Send an email to ViewClix support ( ), to authorized the change.  You will need to send that email using the same email address that used in your ViewClix account login. 
IMPORTANT: If you are selling or transferring ownership of your ViewClix frame to another individual, please review our support article here:

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