Is your Frame sleeping when it shouldn't?

Is your Frame sleeping when it shouldn't?

The Frame Settings page includes a way to control when a frame is "sleeping".  This feature can be enabled and set by Frame organizers (admin). 
Here's that web page:  Once the Sleep Cycle is enabled by checking the feature, you can set start and end times.
  1. When the frame is sleeping, the display is turned off and the frame is in do-not-disturb mode and can't receive video calls.
  2. The sleep button on the ViewClix remote control can also be used to sleep the frame.
Is your frame sleeping when you think it shouldn't be?
The most likely cause of this is that a person with the frame has pressed the sleep button on the ViewClix remote control.  To wake up the frame, press the sleep button on the remote control.
ALSO:  for Frame Organizers, there is a way to do a "soft reset" of the ViewClix frame.  The reset can be done by clicking the "Advanced" button at the top of the Frame Settings web page (

The "Advanced" button will only display if a frame is online and Active.
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