Static on Video Call

Static on Video Call

Occasionally, there can be radio interference from other devices with the ViewClix frame's microphone.  This can be caused by a nearby electronic device or a nearby wireless communication system.

Here are some things to try:
- ensure that any mobile/cell phones or cordless are not placed within 6 feet of the ViewClix frame.
- if you are using a mobile hotspot, make sure that the hotspot is at least 6 feet away from the ViewClix frame.
- ensure that the microphone cable is not touching or almost touching the ViewClix power cord.
- ensure that the frame is not located next to a TV set or printer.
- ensure that any Wi-Fi devices are not placed within 6 feet of the frame.  An example of a device like this that can cause interference is an Amazon Alexa Echo speaker.
You can also try shifting the microphone a few inches away from the front of the ViewClix frame. 
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