HIPAA & ViewClix

HIPAA & ViewClix

ViewClix requirements for HIPAA compliance

ViewClix is not a not a web-camera or CCTV device.  ViewClix is a digital picture frame that also does 2-way video calling.   Regarding video calling, there are many products and services available for "telehealth", so devices like the ViewClix frame that implement video calling do not necessarily create privacy or HIPAA issues.

For reference, ViewClix is currently being used in many assisted living, nursing, hospital and rehabilitation facilities (These are often "Covered Entities" that are extremely sensitive to HIPAA requirements).  ViewClix has been reviewed and approved many times by management and directors of those facilities.

ViewClix includes security and user authentication features that meet the HIPAA requirements. All ViewClix video calls are strongly encrypted and no video calls are ever recorded. We implement strong security and encryption throughout the ViewClix technology and keep adequate records in the event that a breach notification is required.

Whenever a ViewClix video call is received by a frame, a distinctive ring sound is played and the ring sound cannot be disabled. The caller's video appears on the ViewClix display.  If ViewClix is being used in a private apartment or room, it is important that the door is closed during the video call so that Protected Health Information (PHI) will not be inadvertantly transmitted during the call. Any persons that are present should be informed that a video call with family members may be in process. 

For added privacy, the ViewClix frame includes a remote control with a "sleep button".  When this button is pressed, the ViewClix display is turned off, the frame is placed into "do-not-disturb" mode and no video calls can be received by the ViewClix frame.

If the ViewClix frame is installed in a shared environment, the auto-answer mode of the ViewClix frame must be disabled. In this mode, the video caller's name will appear on the ViewClix screen and a person will need to touch a button on the ViewClix remote control to accept the call. Again, any persons present during the call should be informed that a call is in process.

When needed, ViewClix can make a Business Associate Agreements (BAA) available for Covered Entities at no charge. 

HIPAA regulations do not prohibit the ViewClix's auto-answer feature. Both Apple and Samsung devices have this capability. MORE INFO

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